Accompanist Information

We look forward to your participation in the Albert Lea Civic Music Scholarship Auditions. We are delighted to provide an accompanist for you with accompanist fees covered by Civic Music. We feel that this gives everyone a more equal opportunity to work with an accompanist. Working with a new accompanist is a good learning and growing experience. Our goal as always is that this be a positive experience for all.

General Information and Score Submission Guidelines

1) With your submission of application, you must submit an original copy of the piano score for your audition music. Prepare your music by

  • Including your name on each score
  • Numbering the measures (every 5 measures is sufficient)
  • Marking any cuts you are making, ritards, and include any other information that you want the accompanist to know

You must drop off all music at the Office of the Zion Lutheran Church (map) in Albert Lea between April 1st and 15th, 2024.

2) With the notification of your audition time, the accompanist name and phone number will be given to you.

3) Call your accompanist immediately. Set up your rehearsal schedule that is convenient for both of you. You have less than three weeks, but don’t wait!

4) Two 45 minute rehearsals and a brief warm-up preceding the audition will be available for you. The fees of your Civic Music provided accompanist for these rehearsals and the audition will be covered by Albert Lea Civic Music.

5) If you wish, you may schedule a third rehearsal with your accompanist at your own cost. Rehearsals will be limited to a maximum of three, so be sure you know your music well.

All students will be assigned an accompanist.

College students may elect to use their own accompanist at their own expense.

Albert Lea Civic Music Scholarship Committee
Revised January 2024